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Support with Direct Loans

We welcome support in the form of direct loans. These are an essential pillar for financing our project, which is being carried out in cooperation with the Apartment Buildings Syndicate.

The advantages of direct loans at a glance:

For Lenders:

  • You will support a local, socially and ecologically sustainable project and know exactly where and how the money will be used;

  • You will make a contribution against rising rents and promote the creation of affordable living space that is permanently withdrawn from the market;

  • Flexible conditions: Loans from €500 are possible and various interest rates can also be selected.

We offer various direct loan offers, which differ in different interest rates.

You can find FAQs about our direct loan agreement here.


For the Project:

  • The direct loans serve as a substitute for equity meaning the residents do not have to raise the equity themselves;

  • In most cases, these loans have cheaper lending rates because no bank earns additional money from lending;

  • Lenders are also supporters: it establishes a wider network of people who feel connected to the project.



Become a Supporter

If you would like to support us financially or have any queries, please email us at: gmbh @

Lisa is your first point of contact.

In a conversation, we are happy to discuss all of your questions and we will also explain the content of the direct loan agreement to you.

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