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House purchase by the end of 2022

Since April 2022, part of the group has been renting Haus Sonnhalde. The purchase of the house by UmStieg Haus GmbH should be completed by the end of the year. We want to buy it from the owner, and rising interest rates are pushing us to do it.


The house will not go into private ownership, but will be owned by a GmbH that cannot sell the house again. The shareholders of the GmbH are our house association (in which all tenants are represented) and the Apartment building syndicate

Buying a house together to live in as tenants and to keep it as affordable housing for future generations - how do we do that?


With your support!

Whether a person can become part of our community does not depend on their wealth. That's why we stand by the rental house syndicate model.

Financing with Direct Loans

People who find our project worth supporting can contribute directly to us - in the form of a direct loan (so-called subordinated loan). This means they can be sure that their money is being invested transparently, socially and sustainably.

The direct loans serve as equity so that you can also take out a bank loan. Because it probably won't work without a bank.

More info on supporting us here

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